Why China Your Way?

A Superior Curriculum
China Your Way custom designs language study programs that utilize the skills and interests of each of our students. We see your passions and capacities as tools to make the most of your Mandarin classes. Studies on acquiring a second language confirm that the best possible path to learning quickly and comprehensively is to fully engage with your language. This constructivist approach leverages the web of knowledge your brain has created from actively learning through life experiences. We add Mandarin to that web through the culturally and linguistically enriching activities that reflect your fundamental interests. Simply choose from one of our many areas of interest. If you don’t see something you like, contact us about customizing your own activity! Our attentive, personable staff ensures that each student leaves speaking much more Chinese.

Smaller is Better
China Your Way is a small organization, affording our Scholars the flexibility and simplicity they need when traveling in a distant, complex land. We can tailor your study abroad experience precisely to your individual requirements, without having to navigate the cumbersome bureaucracy often found in larger organizations. In this way, we establish a strong, valuable relationship with each Scholar, fostering a familial atmosphere ideal for learning. When you call China Your Way, you will not hear an automated touch-tone answering service; instead, you speak directly with one of three executive managers who can answer your questions and meet your needs quickly. Our Scholars and their families always have immediate access to China Your Way's executive staff, whether at home or in Beijing.

An Affordable, Convenient Choice
China Your Way is not satisfied until we have offered you the best price in a quality study program.  With that low price, we provide convenient, speedy service to all our prospective and current clients.  Our staff identifies with every client’s concern because many of us ourselves have experience studying abroad.

We know how to have fun and play it safe at the same time.
China Your Way is here for you to enjoy your time in China. We act as guardians and instigators of play in a world filled with curiosities and adventures. We bring an enthusiastic, meticulous, and precautionary eye with us as we share meaningful journeys with our students. We know how to have a good time because our staff understands the challenges and joys of living as a foreigner in a foreign land. We also institute safety measures, as we realize that parents always want to know what their child is doing, even if it means keeping track from the other side of the globe!

We are all about China!
China Your Way only offers services in China. Unlike many larger study abroad companies that provide a superficial education of Mandarin and Chinese culture, we offer deeply enriching programs tailored to Beijing and its surrounding suburbs. Many members of our staff are natives of Beijing and take pride in the time and attention they pay to creating the best possible service for our Scholars.