Our Educational Philosophy

At China Your Way, we believe students maximize their learning potential when they have fun.  For this reason, we have created the Three-component Method for teaching Mandarin.  In addition to traditional classroom work, each China Your Way Scholar chooses a program that reflects a long-held hobby or passion.  While partaking in his or her after-class program, the Scholar simultaneously learns conversational Mandarin, acquires vocabulary and phrasing specific to his or her interest, and has a great time!  In doing what they enjoy, Scholars may learn more than they ever thought possible.  They may then crystallize their new knowledge through total immersion as they live with their respective homestay families.  This serves as the basis for our motto: learning through living.

Component 1Mandarin Classes (9:00-12:00, M-F)
After taking great care to evaluate your level of Mandarin, China Your Way places you into one of our classrooms.  We pride ourselves in providing teachers who not only emphasize the fundamentals of Chinese, but also facilitate those language applications most fundamental to fluency.  All of our teachers possess a Master’s degrees in teaching Mandarin as a foreign language.  Students will study Mandarin in one of our brand new classrooms Monday to Friday, for two and a half hours each morning.

Component 2After-class Programs (13:30-16:30, M-F)
Before you join China Your Way, we ask you to consider your personal interests apart from China.  Is it learning about art that drives you?  Is it volunteering?  Choose from one of our many activity programs listed on our Programs Page.  Or, if you don’t see any that make sense to you, send us an e-mail request to create your own.  Everyday after Mandarin class, you will join the other members of your activity group.  These activities are hosted by a Chinese instructor or guide who will test your application of the Chinese language while you engage in your favorite hobby.  Researchers studying trends on second language pedagogy confirm that the most effective means of learning a second language is to involve yourself in current, informative, functional and rich tasks that activate the foreign language. 

Component 3Homestays
A homestay is a type of living arrangement in which a foreign student or traveler lives with an indigenous family.  Just some of the many benefits of living with a host family, as opposed to living in a crowded dormitory, include the countless opportunities to practice your Chinese, the safe and secure living environment, the ability to learn about Chinese culture from its source, and the private space.  We also cannot emphasize enough the value of the relationships you develop while staying with a Chinese family.  By building a lasting relationship with your homestay, you open a door to limitless opportunities to experience the true China.
Sign Up for a Summer in China!
It's Easy
1) Check out the Summer 2018 page.

2) Select the programs that interest you.

3) Register with China Your Way.

4) China Your Way provides travel arrangements, emmigration services, and a homestay tailored to each scholar's needs.  All China Your Way scholars live in Beijing with registered homestay families.

5) CYW Scholars attend morning Mandarin classes at the China Your Way Mandarin Learning Center in Beijing.  Individual student programs take place in the afternoon, either at our facility or an affiliated school.