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Daily Life/Homestays


1 - What are your general admission requirements? 
China Your Way does not have any age or degree limitations for participants.   Because we currently offer only summer sessions, we focus on high school and college students seeking to enrich their study of Chinese language and culture through a four-week summer program. 

2 - How long do your programs last?
Our standard summer session lasts for four weeks.  We do offer custom summer session dates and durations by request.

3 - Can I receive credit from my home institution for the Chinese classes I take at China Your Way?
This depends on the specific requirements of your home institution.  While we cannot transfer credit, we can offer a certificate as proof you satisfactorily performed during class.  China Your Way can also work with professors at your institution to offer independent study credit.

4 - Can I arrive before my courses start? 
We encourage our scholars to arrive at least one day before their program begins in order to adjust to the time difference and meet their host family.  If you would like to stay with us for longer than a week prior to the beginning of your session, China Your Way will charge a supplementary fee.

5 - How many students are in each class?
At this time we are unable to anticipate how many students will participate in each class.  Because China Your Way philosophically supports the merits of small class sizes, our student to teacher ratio never exceeds 10 to 1.  For more details about classes please click here.


1 - How do I know your homestay families are safe?
All of our homestay families undergo two screenings by both a China Your Way Founder and a member of our Executive Team to ensure the family will provide safe, comfortable, convenient service for your child.  Each homestay is registered in our database.

2 - What kind of medical help is available if I should need it? 
Beijing contains a hub of nationally recognized hospitals and clinics (including international hospitals with English-speaking staff).  We ask our scholars to inform their host families or China Your Way directly should they feel they need medical attention.  A member of the host family or a staff member will accompany the student to see the doctor. 

3 - Do I need health insurance?
Yes.  China Your Way requires that you hold a health insurance plan that offers international coverage in China.  Most health plans have this option.  We suggest you call your health insurance provider to ensure you maintain coverage while away.  Otherwise, you may purchase insurance in China.  For more details about purchasing Chinese insurance please contact us.

4 - Do I need to receive any special shots or immunizations before I come to China? 
So long as you are up to date on the shots all public schools in the United States require, there are no additional mandatory vaccinations. The vaccinations you should have before entering a school in the U.S. include: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Japanese B Encephalitis, Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Typhoid.  Please contact your health practitioner for more information. 

5 - Will I get sick from drinking the water in China? 
The water in China contains a parasite to which most foreigners are not accustomed.  So long as the water you drink is boiled first, it is safe to drink the tap water.   If you cannot boil the water first, we recommend drinking bottled water.

6 - How safe is Beijing? 
Beijing is a very safe city for its size with over 15 million people.  As with any big city, we suggest that you exercise prudence in walking around at night by yourself.  Traveling in groups is always safer.  Your homestay family will provide a wealth of information on this subject as well. 

7 - I have specific eating requirements (i.e. food allergies, restricted diets, etc.)  Will that be a problem while staying with the host family?
We will inform your host family of any allergies you have prior to your stay in China.  Also if you are a vegetarian or have other eating limitations we will arrange for a family to cater to your requests.  We ask that you indicate these requests to us on the homestay form that will be administered after you register with China Your Way.   
8 - Is it safe to eat the street food? 
We have heard a variety of opinions on this question.  This depends on the sensitivity of your stomach and whether or not the particular vendor you choose happens to be a clean one.  Generally speaking, street food is safe, delicious, and probably unlike anything you will eat at home; however, if you are prone to having an upset stomach we suggest you steer clear. 

Daily Life/Homestays

1 - What amenities come with living with a homestay family? 
All our scholars enjoy a private bedroom, a bathroom with hot water, an air conditioner, an internet connection and phone service.  Families also provide scholars with breakfast and dinner (and lunch if the student is home).  If the scholar wishes, families can be responsible for taking scholars on sightseeing trips to interesting places in and around Beijing.

2 - What do homestay families expect of scholars ?
Living with a family requires cooperation, courtesy, and sometimes involves some personal sacrifices.  We want our scholars to become like a member of their Chinese family.  We inform our families to have certain expectations of scholars.  These include participation in family activities, respecting any curfew rules, communicating clearly with the family about their schedules, and occasionally helping with cooking if the scholar wishes.

3 - Who are China Your Way’s homestay families?
Our homestays families are relatively affluent families living throughout Beijing.  They have at least one child who may or may not be studying English at a local institution. These families come from a variety of backgrounds and upbringings with different values, careers, and ways of living.  With that in mind, as our application indicates, we do our best to match scholars with a family that best suits his/her needs and interests.  

4 - Will the homestay eat with me? 
Of course!  We expect you and your Chinese family to build a strong relationship.  Like most cultures, eating together plays a major role in socializing. 

5 - Where can I do my laundry?
Your homestay will help you to do your laundry.  Most families have a washing machine and a place to allow clothes to air - dry. 

6 - What’s the weather like in Beijing? 
The climate in Beijing is hot and humid during the summer months with an occasional rainfall.  Bring clothes that breathe as many places outside your homestay do not have air conditioner. 


1 - How will I get to and from the Beijing International Aiport (PEK)?
A member of China Your Way’s staff will pick scholars up from the airport and bring them to their homestay.  At the end of your stay a member of our staff will accompany you back to PEK. 

2 - Outside of the destinations within the activity programs, will scholars be able to go to other places on their own?  What about tourist destinations?
China Your Way wants all our scholars to explore as many places as possible.  In addition to arranging for fun, engaging trips relevant to the scholar's interests during the activity’s session we also provide our homestay families with a stipend specifically for taking our scholars on additional trips (within Beijing).  These trips can be to popular tourist destinations or to places the student cares to learn more about.

3 - How do I get around in Beijing? 
Public transportation is very convenient in Beijing.  Subways and buses run throughout the city.  Our homestay families are responsible for teaching our scholars how to use the subways and buses.  Most scholars catch on within one or two times of being accompanied by a member of their homestay family.  Our offices are located relatively close to major subway stations.  We ensure that all the destinations of our activities are also easy to get to via subway or bus.  If you prefer Beijing also has wonderful taxi service which relative to most American cities, is very inexpensive. 


1 - How do I get a Visa to come to China? 
It is the student’s responsibility to handle all Visa paperwork, but we can help you along in the process.  Please visit http://www.china - to find out more about visa requirements.  Our scholars most often apply for Tourist visas to Beijing.  If you require any particular paperwork from China Your Way please send us an e - mail or give us a call.  China Your Way is happy to help in any way possible. 

2 - Do I have to visit my local consulate to get a Visa? 
Yes.  You must visit the consulate with all the required supplementary paperwork in order to obtain a visa. 

3 - How long does it take for my visa application to be processed?
The amount of time it takes to process a visa is dependent upon the amount of applicants the consulate has to handle at that time.  Peak season for travel to China is during the summer so please plan ahead to ensure you get your visa in a timely fashion.  We recommend checking with your consulate for approximations as to how long it will take to get your visa.

4 - How much money will I spend on a daily basis?
You won’t spend more than $15.00/day on lunch and transportation to and from your class, homestay and activities.  Breakfast and dinner will be provided for you by your homestay.  All entrance fees to tourist destinations are also included.  If you plan on buying souvenirs or want to eat more than one meal a day outside of your homestay you may need to bring extra money. 

5 - Where can I exchange money? 
Upon your arrival in Beijing we will take all scholars to an exchange office inside the airport.  Scholars can also exchange money before they leave for China at American Express offices or exchanges houses. 

6 - Can I access my bank account in China?  
Most American banks can be accessed from Chinese ATMs.  We recommend you check with your bank for details about international banking.  Be sure to ask the bank about your pin number.  Many times American pin numbers are rejected at Chinese banks because they contain too many or too few digits. 

7 - Will my credit card work in China? 
Some businesses in China accept credit cards.  We do not recommend bringing an American Express card as they are less widely accepted than Visa cards.  Small businesses and restaurants as well as street vendors will only accept cash.
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