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China Your Way is commited to teaching Chinese language and culture: we have given over $20,000 in scholarships for our programs since 2010!
China boasts an extensive history that dates back more than 5000 years.  Its mystery, majesty, and deeply rooted traditions make the country one of the most magnificently diverse on the planet.  Today, China's economic growth rate overtakes that of every other nation in the world.  Traveling to China will not only expose you to the fragile ties that bind our current global community, but lead you on an unforgettable adventure into the past.

China Your Way provides fun, affordable study abroad experiences for students who desire to learn the Mandarin language and to expand their knowledge of Chinese culture.  China Your Way utilizes a 3
-component method to obtaining a 2nd language that revolves around 1 comprehensive teaching philosophy: learning through living.

China Your Way supports Relay For Life.

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1) Check out the Summer 2018 page.

2) Select the programs that interest you.

3) Register with China Your Way.

4) China Your Way provides travel arrangements, emmigration services, and a homestay tailored to each scholar's needs.  All China Your Way scholars live in Beijing with registered homestay families.

5) CYW Scholars attend morning Mandarin classes at the China Your Way Mandarin Learning Center in Beijing.  Individual student programs take place in the afternoon, either at our facility or an affiliated school.

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